Crystal Cox is NOT a Journalist

Just a sad and deluded woman

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Crystal Cox asks everyone to Dig Deep

yes Dig Deep, and not Dig Derp as some wags have suggested.

So we took her at her word, Dug Deep (in capitals no less) and found the same solid gold

It seems that Philly Law Blogger extraordinaire - Jordan Rushie seems to have also taken this advise from Crystal, and after a bout of investigative insomnia, found and presents to the world a whole lot more about Crystal Cox and her Dig Derp ways and it’s even in chronological order.

Though for a real in depth Deep Digging timeline of what Crystal has been up to these last 4 years, you cannot go past, well you can and will most likely have less nightmares because of it, Anonymous Insider’s amazingly well put together list of public documents.

Investigative Blogging - sleep not included! We Dig it!

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