Crystal Cox is NOT a Journalist

Just a sad and deluded woman

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Captain Obvious tells it like it is… obviously

It seems that Captain Obvious himself has come out of retirement [h/t to Joe_pullen].

He, that sees all and knows all that is common and obvious, has once again heard the cries of the sane and heeded the call to once again take up what to him is quite obvious and explain to the world that Crystal Cox is, in his words

"[a] Bat-shit crazy Blogger of BullShit, defamer of the innocent, Reverend of the Ridiculous"

Not only that but because this is the 21st century, he has graciously made a HD multimedia presentation of awesomeness.

We recommend that you click the full screen [ ] icon to get the full awesomeness, and once you watch it once, watch it again to keep pausing and read what will be obvious to everyone that Crystal is just another wannabee nutter with an attachment problem and narcissism trait who just wants to be immortalized.

She will be, though even Captain Obvious would agree that it is not going to be in the way she wants it to be. Oh well, it’s obvious when you think about it.

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