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Lesbians, and Marc Randazza


Yes that was our exact exclamation, part of it anyway, the rest was “The FUUUUUUUCK!” when we found whilst surfing the tubes and Digging Deep, as one does, this actually not bad site dealing with Lesbian issues called “Out Lesbian" that is owned by, you guessed it, the Dig Derp herself Crystal Cox.

Now you might be asking, What is our issue with lesbians.

Nothing, we don’t care if someone is Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, Hetrosexual, Transexual, black, white, yellow, or purple polka dotted with trisexual tentacles, though that would be strange - but awesome. The reason we bring this to your attention is Crystal Cox in her infinite batshit craziness has basically destroyed the whole site for her personal Ego trip and to confront the demons in her head that keep whispering that Marc Randazza is her sworn enemy and must be destroyed by using bad capitalization.

Yes you guessed it the top post which takes up two pages is all about Marc. Don’t bother reading it, it’s the same post on countless other sites we have all seen, and will again, and again, and ad infi-fuckin-nitem.

Why would you do this Crystal, is it not enough that you are bringing the Legal and Technology fraternities down upon you, you now have to bring Lesbians into your madness?

Oh for those wondering about, that’s an interesting story, but we will allow Crystal herself to tell it in a video found

[warning: CrystalsTumblingCox takes no responsibility for outbreaks of laughter, headaches, or other maladies that may occur from watching the following video - you have been forewarned]


and also on Out Lesbian (down right hand side) as well.

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Just some more Deep Digging

Just some more Deep Digging and we have some links for the adventurous.

Some older links that used to be full of Ms Cox’s bile though now sell Viagra, Adipex, Phd’s or are non-existent.

Post your thoughts, fears, and any good recipes for cocktails to get rid of the headaches that these pages WILL give you in the comments.

On another topic, did Ken at Popehat just post that Crystal placed a cross-complaint against Every single person on the planet, or just in the United States, or has our mind gone weird again (look for the bold print)

She sued a vast array of people, including all the attorneys in the law firm representing the plaintiff suing her, as well as miscellaneous government entities:

For Complalint against Counter Defendants David Aman, Esq Personally and Professionally, Tonkon Torp Law Firm and all partners, associates and of counsel in their professional and individual capacities, Obsidian Finance LLC and any/all affiliates, Kevin Padrick Esq. officially, professionally and personally, David Brown Esq. professionally and personally, Ewan Rose Esq. officially, professionally and personally, Patrick Flaherty Esq., Bend Oregon District Attorney Office officially, professionally and personally capacities, Deschutes County, Stephanie DeYoung, CPA StudebakerDeYoung CPA PC -Stephanie Studebaker LLP , Mark Neuman, Lane Lyons, Brian Stevens, Tim Larkin, Summit Accomodators Inc. and any and all affiliates, Sean Boushie, Lincoln County Montana District Attorney Bernie Cassidy, P. Stephen Lamont, CEO of iViewit Technologies Inc, Robin Clute Personally and Professionally, and John and Jane Does.

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