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Combating "Bad" Speech with More Speech - On The Media

Marc Randazza in a heartfelt and eloquent interview with On The Media states what this strange, and in some ways ironic for a First Amendment Lawyer, situation with Crystal Cox and her weird “google bomb” type strategy of (in our opinion) intimidation/harassment/extortion has caused for him, his wife, and his daughter and the internal struggle he has had to go through to deal with it all.

Play the 8 minute long embedded audio below or head on over to On The Media to hear, embed, or download it .

In the interest of equity you can also read Crystal Cox’s incoherent post in response on her ,one of many pages, here .

It seems that Crystal now considers herself BatShit crazy too, and part of a Radio network of BatShit crazies. We definitely wont be arguing with that.

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