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Breaking News: May defined as Must, dictionaries explode everywhere

The word may to us, is full of meaning, full of a sense of possibilities and opportunities with it’s tiny and cute 3 letter combination of; m that is found starting words like mom, music, mirth and mischief; a found in the vowels of the English language itself therefore a hAppy letter full of mirth and mischief (the Greeks even call it the beginning letter); y why indeed is this letter the source of Crystal’s scorn since it is an affirmative letter of Yes and Yo and even found within funny sayings; but to Crystal Cox this word is wrong, and seems to now be beholden to what she considers reality.

Crystal you see good readers has taken this word, this word with it’s many and varied uses of historical, legal, and cultural significance and decided instead that may now means hence and forthwith MUST.

Why do we state this travesty of etymological proportions.

Well Crystal has once again helped define what to any reasonable, semi-intelligent, or even semi-illiterate person this word means, as the complete and bleeding opposite of what it actually should be.

In her latest treatise on why she is more equal than anyone else and why the world must Respect Her Authoritah! we notice the following at the misnamed website of “Investigative Blogger" [and here we thought Ethics Complaint was irony incarnate]


Here is the Disclaimer in this Email Thread Regarding the Communication, Privileged Communication Between Crystal Cox Defendant in Her Pro Se Capacity and Opposing Counsel David Aman, Tonkon Torp Law Firm.

"The information contained in this e-mail message may be privileged, confidential, and protected from disclosure.  If you are not the intended recipient, any dissemination, distribution, or copying is strictly prohibited.   …… If you think you have received this e-mail message in error, please e-mail the sender at”

This misled me, deceived me, in my Pro Se Capacity, that along with the fact that the lawsuit had already been filed, a cease and desist already sent and I was responding to David Aman, Attorney for the Plaintif CONTACTING ME.

[sadly all formatting and cognitive dissonance has not been changed ]

Can you see it? The destruction, the horror, the pain that may now endures, when someone of Crystals highly investigative blogging caliber shows the world that she and she alone can tell that may = must and must =! may.

One day soon, in the not too distant future Crystal herself will have need of this word, but sadly in her universe no body will understand what “MustDay Mustday Mustday” means and she will drown in her own self indulgent and egotistical swill.

We might help, though only it seems in the month of May, or is that Must now?

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