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Crystal Cox is victimising us with her excluding ways

After much angst, debate, and argument (mostly over who’s turn it is to buy drinks) we have come to the understanding that we are not worthy of Crystal Cox’s craziness.

You see, no matter how hard we have tried, the amount of time and effort we have placed into every investigative Dig Deep story we have posted here it is still not enough for Crystal. She demands like Oliver, more… more digging, more deeper probing, more investigate blogging more more More and even mOrE.

Why do we know this dear readers, because she refuses to acknowledge that CrystalsTumblingCox is part of the Cliques of Normals Secretly Performing Insidious Rituals Aimed at Controlling You (C.O.N.P.I.R.A.C.Y), and we are not the only ones.

Jordan Rushie a lawyer of diversity, adventurism, insomnia, and awesome beards who seems as normal as anyone else - though he does thinks Ken would look good as scully *blink*. He has discovered that he too, like us is not part of this clique and has written of his melancholy in a deep and moving post.

Jordan, we feel your pain. We empathize. We the victims of Crystal’s bullying behavior excluding us from her insane ramblings must band together to stop it.

How do we do this? Do we ignore it, do we take action under proposed anti-bully laws (sadly we are not in Arizona so that wont work)?.

What about education? Education! Yes Education and letting the sunshine out is the ONLY way to treat this travesty of exclusion.

To that end, after the fold, we have posted at great expense an educational prose explaining for Crystal, and anyone else with a penchant for tinfoil what a Conspiracy is and how to spot them.

Like Jordan, we need to be included, we might not have Scully’s looks, or Mulder’s hair, or even the Smoking Man’s grating voice, sarcasm and disdain, though we will, may FSM guide us, be The Lone Gunmen.

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