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Good News Everybody…

You read that in the Professors Farnsworth’s voice didn’t you?

Sweet zombie Jesus.. Wha!

and that…HA!

Well yes it is good news, except for Crystal Cox that is. It seems that the universe is starting to right itself.

How you ask?

Well you just have to look at these two links that used to be owned by Crystal and now you can see that they both point to the one, the only, the man with the MAFAI ties himself (silk not leather) Marc Randazza’s Legal Group.

So Crystal (or should we also include a Ms Mayers with this question) does your domain name portfolio feel less bulky now? Better hang on tight, it seems it will be getting slimmer each and every day.

We aren’t normally ones to gloat, but in the words of Zoidberg.

Woop! Woop! Woop! Woop! Woop!

Now back to your normal HypnoToad channel the lot of you. Though we will shortly be posting some huge expose’s of the stupid, the mundane, the perjured, and the discombobulated, with even some history thrown in about extortion and bad manners for good measure.

We might even talk about how we ourselves are not even situated in the USA.. o_O

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