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A quick laugh-fest Intermission for the idiotic Crystal Cox

Due to that thing the rest of us, other than Crystal, call reality we have been sadly remiss in our duties to educate and laugh at Crystal Cox. Though it seems she and some of her weird new friends in the Batshit Crazy cave have been doing our job for us.

You see Crystal has tried to make some sort of meaning out of Righthaven, Steve Gibson (CEO of Righthaven), Stephens Media, Todd Kincannon, and Marc Randazza, by linking them all together in some sort of weird conspiracy involving Porn, the Las Vegas Review-Journal (A newspaper), Magical Hocus Pocus, knpr (a radio station), and the Illuminati. Or was that Lizard aliens? (who can understand Monica Foster’s weirdness)

All this weirdness can be found on Crystal’s own blogs which we wont link to anymore from here since all that is doing is giving her more revenue for her link farms thereby enabling her to keep up with her vilifying and extorting ways.

For anyone who has never heard of Righthaven (you lucky people) these links referring to court cases that the EFF and Randazza Group were a part of against Righthaven should help you understand why the following video is by everyone on the planet to Crystal Cox and her army of nucking futters.

Crystal we suggest that you click on this link for the full 10hour experience of what the world is doing whenever they read your delusions.

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